Wafer and Chip-Level Optical Test


Semiconductor Technology for Photonic Integrated Circuits

Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and silicon photonics technologies are being used to manufacture devices for optical communications at higher volumes with lower costs, energy consumption, and size. This is now especially driven by the rapidly increasing needs of data centers. These technologies also offer the means to realize new functionality with high-level integration of electronics and optics. Like in the semiconductor electronics industry, appropriate test and measurement at an early stage, like wafer-level test, is valuable to avoid the high cost of processing and packaging substandard devices that will fail final test as well as for control and diagnostics of the wafer production process. Typically this involves parametric tests to characterize the material and structuring quality, like measuring sheet resistance and capacitance electrically and attenuation and responsivity optically. Optical testing generally also includes the dependence on wavelength and on the alignment of optical polarization with the waveguide structures. For transponder devices like photodetectors and modulators, the RF-frequency dependence is also important for characterizing the bandwidth of the devices.



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