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Data Demand Drives Data Centers

Consumers’ insatiable demand for data continues to be unsatisfied. The demand is directly impacting the data center as consumer data travels from cell phones,tablets, televisions, computers, even refrigerators through cell towers and eventually through the data center. The capital expenditure required to keep up with this demand is a daunting task to any company that deals with the expense of data center expansion.

Of course, data centers can’t grow at the rate today’s data is increasing. The expense is too great. As a result, data centers are looking to faster speeds and better utilization to get the job done. Faster speeds are being implemented and you can see it happening as 40 Gbps interconnects are replaced by 100 Gbps; and now 400 Gbps. Getting a throughput improvement of 10x on the interconnect is helpful but only solves part of the problem.



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Column Control DTX