EEsof EDA W2321 Layout Element


The W2331 Layout Element provides a complete high-frequency physical design environment for the Advanced Design System (ADS). ADS is the lagship product from Keysight Technologies Inc. EEsof EDA, the technology and innovation leader in highfrequency mixed-signal electronic design automation (EDA). ADS is the only design simulation platform that enables the co-design of IC, package, and board in high-frequency and high-speed applications. It seamlessly integrates system, circuit, and full 3D electromagnetic simulation with the Keysight test instrumentation, resulting in repeatable, irst-pass electronic design success. The ADS Layout Element was developed speciically for the physical design of high- frequency layouts in MMICs, RF Modules, RF PC boards, and printed antennas where the physical geometries, dimensions, and proximity must be carefully calculated and positioned to give optimum performance at RF and microwave frequencies. It is seamlessly integrated with the ADS schematic environment, where editing of dimensions in layout updates the schematic and vice-versa in a process called design synchronization, allowing layout changes to be instantly simulated by the circuit, planar, full 3D electromagnetic, or system simulators in ADS. MMIC designers particularly beneit from the features of ADS Layout because the design can begin more intuitively and positioning of edge pin connections can be precisely deined instead of always starting from schematic.  

The ADS Layout Element includes: 

  • Automatic layout synthesis and insertion of microwave and RF structures such as transmission lines, discontinuities, transitions, spirals, couplers, splitters, meanders wire bonds, and vias. 
  • An extensive and complete set of standard and advanced layout editing capabilities for creating production-ready, high-frequency layouts for MMIC, RF Module, and RF PC board design. 
  • Synchronization between layout and schematic environment to update changes in either one, with full user control of automatic or manual modes. 
  • User-deined layout macro and environment customization, and Graphical Cell Compiler technology to reduce manual programming. 
  • Industry-standard ile format support, including GDSII, Gerber, DXF, and ODB++. 
  • 3D visualization with vertical stretching and sliding cut planes to verify placements of interconnects in multi-layer structures. 
  • Generation of layout look-alike components in schematic for error-free hookup with circuit or system components. 
  • Integration with Cadence Allegro and Mentor Expedition for designing RF/mixed signal PC boards 
  • Integration with Design Rule Check W2323 (DRC) element to ensure a correct MMIC layout before foundry tapeout.
  •  Integration with Momentum G2 Advanced Model Composer to generate layouts of arbitrary scalable passive 3D planar structures with accurate simulation models. 
  •  Integration with Momentum G2 and EMDS G2 elements to enable EM optimization and viewing of electromagnetic surface currents and fields.

 Unlike other high-frequency layout design tools where automatic schematic synchronization can sometimes misinterpret a manually reined layout, the ADS database architecture provides full user control of automatic or manual synchronization between layout and schematic to prevent unintended layout changes. The W2321 Layout Element integrates seamlessly with full 3D and planar EM simulators in ADS to provide the 3D planar drawing environment for EM simulation and viewing of surface currents and fields



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