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DP001xA Series Differential Active Probes



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The DP001xA Series Differential Active Probes are high-performance probes that provide superior general-purpose differential signal measurements for many of today's high-speed power-related applications. They are available in bandwidth models ranging from 250 MHz up to 1.7 GHz with a wide input dynamic range and a probe offset range up to ±60 volts. They are equipped with Keysight Technologies’ AutoProbe interface that provides power and DC offset to the active circuitry of the probe’s differential amplifier, as well as automatic attenuation settings based on the oscilloscope’s vertical scale setting. These probes are compatible with most of Keysight’s InfiniiVision X-Series and Infiniium oscilloscopes that provide selectable 50-Ω input terminations with the AutoProbe interface. They come with a variety of standard and optional probing accessories that make it easy to probe different types of signals, such as motor drives, automotive differential bus measurements, and high-speed digital systems design. They also include a deskew and performance verification kit that can be used to deskew multiple probes relative to a single timing reference point and verify performance characteristics such as bandwidth, rise/fall times, and pulse response. To order these probes, customers can choose from four models: DP0010A (250 MHz), DP0011A (500 MHz), DP0012A (1 GHz), and DP0013A (1.7 GHz). They can also order additional or replacement accessories separately or as part of the DP0021A accessory kit. For more information about these probes and their specifications, customers can visit or download the data sheet from To learn more about Keysight's oscilloscopes and other products, customers can visit or