Accelerate Your Automotive In-Vehicle Networking Innovations

Automotive in-vehicle networks are evolving rapidly to provide the high-speed data transfer demanded by the connected car. Technologies like automotive Ethernet, automotive SerDes, and conventional buses like CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, DDR, and others will come together to meet evolving performance requirements.

Enabling communication, safety, convenience, and electrification applications expected in modern and future vehicles requires managing increasing data volumes and speeds. Keysight automotive in-vehicle networking solution offers the high-performance design and test platforms you need to deliver your automotive innovations faster and better.

Automotive Ethernet

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles use lots of sensors, controls, and interfaces with higher bandwidth requirements. Automotive Ethernet provides a single universal medium for communication that allows different components to coexist on the same switched network.

Keysight offers full-stack conformance test solutions for Layers 1–7 for automotive Ethernet to ensure network integrity for compliance, decode, TSN, TCP/IP stack testing, as well as safe and secure performance of the connected car.

Automotive Network Test Solutions
Automotive Serdes for in Vehicle Networking

Automotive SerDes

Cameras sensors for ADAS need high data rate and transmission speeds to function as designed. Increasingly, developers are turning to serializer/deserializer (SerDes) connections to link these cameras to the vehicle’s image-processing electronic control units (ECUs).

These SerDes connections convert parallel data to serial data (and vice-versa), enabling faster communication between devices using lower-cost cables and connectors.

Keysight automotive networking solutions

Keysight and UNH Collaborate to Advance Automotive Ethernet

You must have unfailing trust in both your test plans and your test equipment to ensure your automotive Ethernet products meet specifications with accuracy and reliability. The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) is industry-recognized worldwide for automotive Ethernet compliance testing.

For this reason, Keysight Technologies and UNH-IOL have partnered to co-author these virtual online learning events for you.

Keysight's Automotive Ethernet Physical Layer Solutions at Work

oscilloscope for automotive serial buses

Test and debug serial buses with oscilloscopes

The oscilloscope is the primary measurement tool used today to test and debug the physical layer of automotive serial buses, including CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SENT, and MOST.

Automotive in-vehicle networks must function in harsh electrical environments, with lots of noise and unexpected transients. An oscilloscope can capture and show you details of infrequent automotive transients and noise that are producing bus errors.

Keysight offers a broad range of automotive serial bus applications in both the InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscope families, including protocol decode/trigger, eye-diagram mask testing, and physical layer compliance test packages.

Identify and prevent cyberattacks before they occur

The modern Connected Car is a supercomputer on wheels, but its connectivity makes it vulnerable to potential cyberattacks. Keysight is helping industry leaders secure the Connected Car with penetration (Pen) tests for all relevant interfaces. Besides protection with up-to-date threat databases, our automotive cybersecurity solutions can be integrated with client custom databases.

Keysight Automotive Cybersecurity for Connected Car

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Vehicle Networking

What is automotive in-vehicle networking?

Automotive in-vehicle networking is the onboard communication connection system that relays information between different components and systems within the car. These range from common functions like controlling seat positions and windows, to mission-critical sensors and ECUs for advanced driver assistance systems.

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How In-Vehicle Networks Interconnect Vital ADAS Systems

What are the emerging in-vehicle networking architectures for ADAS and AV applications?

Automotive Ethernet and SerDes are the two emerging in-vehicle networking architectures that are gaining popularity due to the need for low latency and high bandwidth to convey data among the various safety systems in the vehicle.

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Automotive Ethernet: Enabling the Future of Autonomous Driving

Will classic lower-speed in-vehicle networks like CAN and LIN be phased out?

Classic technologies like CAN/CAN-FD/CAN-XL/LIN are well-established and cost-effective. They will remain relevant for specific fields of automotive application, especially those where low cost and low bandwidth are key design specifications.

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Choosing the Right In-Vehicle Networking Solution

Keysight is here to accelerate your automotive networking innovations.