How to Analyze Current Drain Using Battery Profiling and Emulation

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Analyzing current drain with battery emulation

Assessing a device's power usage requires measuring power consumption and rundown rate under various conditions, such as different battery charge levels, temperatures, and battery age profiles. Use a battery emulator to create a battery model and execute tests more quickly than possible with physical batteries. To create a battery model, use profiling software paired with an electronic load to draw current from the battery and measure the battery's open circuit voltage (Voc) and internal resistance (Ri) versus the state of charge. Tailor the model to the power usage of a specific device by using a dynamic waveform to discharge the battery.

A completed model maps the Voc and Ri of the battery versus the state of charge from zero to 100 percent. A battery model can be associated with the battery's age or temperature, which creates a known good reference for testing its performance under specific conditions. The model simulates a physical battery using emulation software and a power supply. You can instantly change the battery's state of charge from one level to another. A battery's Voc and Ri can vary significantly with the state of charge, so it is essential to determine current drain differences at various charge levels.

Low power battery emulation solution

Battery emulation and profiling solution

Fully characterizing a device's current drain requires a power analyzer with battery emulation capabilities to emulate various battery states. The Keysight low-power battery emulator and profiler together with our battery emulation software enable automated battery profiling, cycling, run-down, and aging analysis. The solution generates accurate battery models using the simulated current drain of a device and employs the resulting models for emulation so that device power drain can be measured under varying conditions.

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