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Keysight logic analyzer software allows you to gain quick insight into your digital system. These software applications provide a wide range of additional capabilities including shortening setup time and customizing measurement displays.

Our pioneering FPGA solutions save you hours of debug time by simplifying access to internal FPGA signals and dramatically reducing the time required to setup logic analyzer measurements.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Logic Analyzer Software

Logic analyzer software is any application that runs on logic analyzers. It is used to capture, view, and analyze digital signals. It allows engineers and technicians to understand digital system behavior, essential for debugging, testing, and validating digital communication systems at the protocol level. Logic analyzer software can be specialized to help analyze specific digital protocols, such as DDR memory systems.

Common debugging problems that can be identified and solved with logic analyzer software are signal integrity issues, timing issues, inadequate sample rates, and protocol decoding issues. Some of these issues can be solved with a mixed signal oscilloscope, many of which can detect signal integrity issues at the physical layer and have digital channels for examining timing issues. However, for applications with many channels, a logic analyzer is required.

To test double data rate (DDR) memory, you will need logic analyzer software that supports DDR decoding and analysis. The Keysight B4661A memory analysis software enables logic analyzers to decode traffic for DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, and other memory protocols.

Hardware requirements vary for Keysight logic analyzer software, mainly due to bandwidth and channel requirements. Please refer to the datasheet for the logic analyzer software you choose to verify if a software application can run on your hardware.

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