Wireless Device Functional Test Reference Solution

The Keysight S8890A Wireless Device Functional Test Reference Solution provides an automation environment which is both simple to use, yet comprehensive and powerful. Based on the PathWave Test Automation platform, S8890A provides optional instrument driver/plug-ins offering simplified logically grouped control steps. These steps can be sequenced, looped and swept to provide powerful individual test cases or comprehensive sequences. Each driver/plug-in is provided with extensive starter sample test cases which can be modified by Keysight or the end user the UE to be tested. Plug-in options:

KS8201A – UXM signaling and mobility


  • mobility (handovers): LTE handovers, iRAT handovers

  • user equipment (UE) measurement reporting

  • BLER/throughput measurement

  • UE control

  • LTE message log parsing/verification for signaling process verification

KS8202A – UXM data performance

  • throughput using in-build UXM iperf, FTP server, ping

  • UE iperf, FTP and ping control

  • E2E data throughput

KS8203A – IMS/VoLTE signaling

  • E6966B IMS/SIP server, client and conference server controls

  • IMS server log parsing for signaling process verification

KS8204A – UE battery analysis

  • N6705B/ N6781A source/analyzer automation

  • paging cycle and connected mode DRX tests

  • combine with data performance and IMS/VoLTE to provide complete UE battery performance evaluation

These optional plug-ins can be combined to provide, for example, battery drain during a VoLTE call, or combined VoLTE testing while transferring data, or throughput analysis during handovers.

Flexible automated functional performance testing of cellular UE in a controlled laboratory environment.

  • easily integrated into existing test executives — test cases can be run individually from command line or integrated to provide comprehensive test scripts
  • customize individual test sequences from the supplied reference sequences and supplied instrument drivers/plug-ins
  • grouping of relevant settings for simplified setup

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