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Keysight’s Quantum Control System (QCS) combines dedicated quantum control hardware and full-stack software capabilities to provide an easy-to-use solution for the control and readout of quantum devices. The following items highlight QCS features.

  • Full DDC and acquisition of microwave, baseband, and digital signals used to control and read out qubits.
  • Simple-to-use API and GUI interfaces give quick access to textbook quantum experiments and custom pulse sequences.
  • Tight integration between hardware and software to provide complete control and readout solution.
  • Advanced clock distribution and timing software ensure phase and event synchronization across all channels in the system.

Key Specifications


Direct Digital Conversion

Frequency Range

DC - 16 GHz

Real-Time Bandwidth

2 GHz

Phase Noise

-130 dBc/Hz*

*at 10 kHz offset, 8 GHz carrier

Form Factor


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