• Measure and display transmitter power and timing statistics beyond the average for the individual channels including a chart of power versus time
  • Continuous trigger transmitter power to determine behavior and characteristics of the IoT device
  • Quick view of transmitter power, receiver PER of multiple IoT devices operate concurrently
  • Monitor changes in advertising interval with the advertising interval trend chart

The X8722A IoT Soft Front Panel supports IOT8720A and IOT8740A, an intuitive software interface that allows you to quickly conduct tests without needing to spend a lot of time writing test software. It provides simple operation with powerful visualization, allowing you to easily evaluate and control your hardware, as well as automate and speed up testing.

The Soft Front Panel comes in two versions: IoT Soft Front Panel Utility (free) and IoT Soft Front Panel Pro (licensed).

IoT Soft Front Panel Utility (Free)

  • Provide basic measurements such as transmitter power, receiver PER results, and basic transmitter power envelope display
  • Enable basic functionalities such as firmware upgrade, radio option, or software license enablement, perform self-test and display SCPI logs
  • IoT Soft Front Panel Utility is available on the XA8722 software download page 

IoT Soft Front Panel Pro (Licensed)

  • Provide various views – Quick view, PER trend chart, advertising interval trend chart, transmitter power measurement trend chart, scan response data throughput trend chart, transmitter power envelope display, multi-DUT view, and utility view
  • Enable advanced measurement capabilities – Provide channel-based transmitter power and receiver PER measurements with the minimum, maximum, and average readings for all measurement parameters. Configure upper and lower limits and perform the limit checks with pass-fail indicators. Export test results into CSV file format for post-analysis
  • Software installer and the 30 days trial license are available on the XA8722A software download page

Free Trial

XA8722A IoT Soft Front Panel & XA8723A IoT Signaling Measurement Suite and 30 Days Trial License

  • XA8722A Soft Front Panel and XA8723A Signaling Measurement Suite Software Installer Package
  • 30-Days Free Trial
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