Built for power converter design for power generation and transmission, aerospace-defense, automotive, data center, consumer electronics, and IoT applications.


The W3035E PathWave PEPro includes:

  • Quickly design the most complete high voltage and high current power electronic designs including the effects of board layout parasitics
  • Integrated design technology with advanced technologies for layout-based design engineered to capture parasitically induced faults before hardware prototyping

Keysight’s solution for power electronics includes analysis capabilities such as electromagnetic solvers that enable the simulation of board effects from layout parasitics. New in the Power Electronics Pro (PEPro) design suite is an inner layer near-field visualization, very important to look at the currents and fields for long-term reliability. You can discover areas of current constriction, which may cause heating effects and affect reliability. The analysis of the boards supports both the method of moments (MoM) planar simulation, as well as a finite element method (FEM) for 3D effects.

Note: This element license requires a host bundle to work. For recommended bundle configurations, click here.

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