• Complete 3GPP RF test case coverage for RF and RRM according to GCF and PTCRB requirements (TP195)
  • Design verification and supplementary test case coverage
  • Support for 1CC, 2CC, 3CC ,4CC band combinations and beyond
  • Scalable solution – from one box to full system
  • Dual-feed antenna UE support
  • Complete test case results analysis and reporting tools
  • Full test system automation
  • Remote test system operation

The Keysight T4010S conformance test system is the most efficient test tool available on the market today. The test platform covers conformance testing according to 3GPP TS 36.521-1 LTE, NB-IOT RF, CAT-M1 RF and 3GPP TS 36.521-3 LTE RRM for FDD and TDD, 1CC, 2CC, 3CC and 4CC, as well as LTE device acceptance test plans from major network operators. Support of Regulatory for Europe RF EN 301 908-13 is also available on the T4010S.

Engineers can use the T4010S system for R&D design verification with the same hardware that is used for conformance testing. T4010S offers the ability to execute test cases with different parameters other than those required by 3GPP. This platform also allows testing for all LTE, NB-IOT, FDD CAT-M1 frequency bands at no additional cost.

The E7515A UXM wireless test set’s receiver test capabilities, including flexible channel definition, frequency division duplex (FDD), and time division duplex (TDD) options, along with out-of-channel measurements and integrated fading, enable extensive coverage of 3GPP test cases in the conformance benchtop solution.

The test case parameterization environment, test automation, and remote control makes the T4010S conformance test system the most flexible tool for RF parametric testing, margin search, and complete system validation. Support of GCF/PTCRB validated test cases (TP 195), allows system users to perform full UE certification.

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