Meet the SL1000A Scienlab Battery Test System Pack Level

The Scienlab SL1000A Battery Test System — Pack Level is an electric system to provide sink and source for high voltage battery packs for automotive and industrial applications.

  • Synchronized control of all components in the test environment
  • Recorded measured values to use as a variable during the remainder of the test sequence:
  • Temperature/ climate chamber and conditioning of the DUT, and Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules to record voltage and temperature for analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Entire test bench with an independent system
  • Direct evaluation of data using practical analysis tools: post-processing is not necessary
  • Maintenance-free, durable, and reliable test systems with energy recovery for cost-efficient operation
  • Dynamic retracing of the sources set values and thresholds of sources (current, voltage, power)

High Performance for Testing Battery Packs

A battery pack is a complex system involving high voltages and currents, electrical and mechanical components, cooling system and a BMS. All components require thorough testing to draw conclusions about the durability, range, efficiency, and heating of the pack. For the analysis of system behavior, a realistic emulation of the future application must be created even before the first field application; driving and load profiles, reproducible electrical and climatic conditions. The standards set for the test environment are high – the SL1000A offers solutions to meet your needs.

Scienlab Battery Test Laboratory


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