Get full-span spectrum analysis capability on the E5055A SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer

The S963905B spectrum analyzer (SA) application adds high-performance spectrum analysis to the E5055A SSA-X signal source analyzer with the full span of frequency (8 GHz). With fast stepped-FFT sweeps resulting from optimized data processing, the SA application provides quick spurious searches over the frequency ranges. In addition to the simple and basic spectrum monitoring functions with the S963015B SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer Advanced Features for E5055A, the S963905B provides the full-span and comprehensive spectrum/spurious analysis capabilities for deeper analysis on the E5055A.

  • High-performance spectrum analysis up to 8 GHz on E5055A SSA-X signal source analyzer
  • Equivalent measurement capability to SA application available on other Keysight VNAs, such as E5080B ENA and P50xxB Streamline series VNAs.

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Get a 30-day trial license for S963905B. The S963905B application is enabled with a license file on the computer running the software, so there are no setup files to download and install.

S963905B display on the E505xA SSA-X

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