What's Included
  • DSOX3054G: 4-channel, 500-MHz oscilloscope with embedded analysis software and function / arbitrary waveform generator
  • D3000PWRB: Power analysis software option
  • N2790A: 100-MHz high-voltage differential active probe
  • 1147B: 50-MHz current probe
  • U1880A: Deskew fixture

Testing power supplies for switching losses, output ripple, efficiency, and feedback amplifier stability requires high-voltage differential probes, current probes, deskew fixtures, and oscilloscope software with automated power measurements. Keysight’s InfiniiVision oscilloscope Power Analysis BetterBundle provides these critical measurement tools to help you test and characterize your switch mode power supply designs.

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Demo the Power Application Bundle

Test power supplies by measuring power quality, current harmonics, control loop response (Bode plots), and more.

Extend the Capabilities of Your DSO3054GPWR

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