Measure the RF performance of wireless devices quickly and easily

Keysight's C8714000A RF Application Software reduces the need for protocol expertise with intelligent signaling. Select built-in 3GPP tests, SAR tests, and maximum throughput tests to automatically configure parameters. Efficient usability makes test development and execution quick and easy.

Modify parameters essential to RF testing during a live connection. Changes are made in the background with no user intervention. Use a blind handover to modify multiple parameters simultaneously.

Save test development time with built-in tests. The RF Application Software automatically configures parameters for the selected test according to 3GPP and starts the measurement. Select from LTE, 5G NR NSA, SA, 2UL CA, UL MIMO, Tx diversity, SAR, and maximum throughput tests.

Verify device RF performance under carrier aggregation conditions. Configure up to four 5G NR cells and up to six LTE cells. Then, analyze multiple measurement results for each cell.

The RF Application Software is optimized for speed using Keysight’s UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform to make RF measurements in parallel with an embedded measurement engine.

Accelerate 5G FWA Device Test

FWA is growing quickly to provide fast data connections to areas previously without broadband service. Many fixed-location devices use 5G and WLAN for connectivity.  Learn more about how our Wireless Network Emulation Solutions can help you verify RF and throughput performance of 5G devices for fixed locations.

Built-in 3GPP Tests

Save time with built-in test selections, automatically configuring parameters for 3GPP, SAR, and maximum throughput measurements.

Select channel as low, medium, or high to align with 3GPP requirements. Modify band, channel, and other parameters during an active connection to analyze performance for subtests defined by 3GPP.

C8714000A drop-down menu with list of 5G NR SA UL MIMO built-in tests
C8714000A 5G NR and LTE measurement results for 5G NR NSA

Real-Time Results from Multiple Measurements

Analyze RF performance quickly with real-time results of 5G NR and LTE measurements from multiple cells using carrier aggregation (CA). Configure 5G NR and LTE cells from one screen – up to 4 5G NR cells and up to 6 LTE cells.

Analyze RF performance under CA conditions, viewing multiple measurement results from each cell. Select cells and measurements of interest while viewing real-time results.

UXM 5G RF Application Software Specifications

Configure and execute RF measurements of wireless devices quickly with the RF Application Software using Keysight’s UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform. Analyze performance under many conditions including:

  • 5G NR FR1 standalone (SA) with UL SISO and MIMO
  • 5G NR FR1 SA with UL MIMO (1x2) for transparent Tx diversity
  • 5G NR FR1 SA power class 1.5 (PC 1.5)
  • 5G NR FR1 non-standalone (NSA)
  • LTE  with DL MIMO and UL measurements
  • 5G NR and LTE carrier aggregation
  • Maximum IP data throughput
  • Regional SAR configurations
  • Voice and video connections with the built-in IMS server and client
  • WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax

S8714A UXM 5G RF Application

The UXM 5G RF Application simplifies RF verification of 5G NR devices with a solution designed specifically for fast RF testing.

High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software

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