• Verified test set developed before the release of 3GPP FR2 MIMO OTA
  • Validated channel models for FR2 MIMO OTA according to the TR38.901 test specification
  • Predefined and customizable beam mananagement performance test cases
  • State-of-the art logging, visualization, and debugging tools to resolve issues more quickly

The Advanced Performance Test Software offers advanced performance testing beyond standard requirements by providing predefined test cases and customizable test scripts to meet specific customer requirements. 

Track Test Case Progress in Real Time

Keysight Test Manager enables you to execute and track test cases' progress live while running the test campaign. Easily execute tasks with the powerful user interface:

  • The Campaign Manager enables you to build test campaigns with selected test cases for effective regression testing with known test objectives.
  • The Test Case Editor allows you to modify test steps for the selected test case to meet the test objectives for different use cases.
High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software
C8708000A Advanced Performance Test Software with APT Toolset Application Result Manager example

Analyze Test Results Accurately With the Result Manager

Keysight Result Manager is a powerful result analysis tool that provides purpose-built graphs to compare results obtained in different test points.

The image on the left is showing an example of FR2 MIMO OTA test case results.

Advanced Performance Test Software Specifications

Advanced Performance Test Software supports test cases from the following test specifications

  • 3GPP TR 38.827 FR2 MIMO OTA

The application also supports the following R&D tests beyond standard testing

  • FR2 dynamic multi-beam MIMO OTA beam management
    • Verify mobile device beam management under fading and blocking conditions
  • FR2 data throughput fading test cases
  • FR1+FR2 data throughput fading test (mixed mode)

S8708A Advanced Performance Test Toolset

The Advanced Performance Test Toolset allows chipset and device makers alongside mobile operators to evaluate and optimize the performance of 5G devices in a lab environment.

The solution offers a verified test set developed before the release of 3GPP FR2 MIMO OTA. It allows R&D teams to test beam management in a 3D spatial fading channel at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies.

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