Test Across the Workflow with Interactive, Full-Featured Software

The C8700200A Test Application Software provides real-time testing across the full chipset and device development workflow from early prototype testing through integration, verification, and acceptance. The powerful GUI delivers a high level of autonomy in configuration and parameterization with full access to 5G NR scheduling to test many use cases.

Verify RF performance and functional KPI of wireless chipsets and devices using real-time network emulation and end-to-end IP data throughput analysis. Develop test automation with SCPI or use the C8702000A RF Automation Toolset and the C870300A Functional KPI Toolset with built-in test scenarios for RF and functional testing.

Be ready for the future with high-performance capability:

  • The latest enhancements including RedCap and NTN
  • Dynamic port mapping and internal switching for reduced errors and efficient connectivity
  • FR1 and FR2 coverage including 5G NR-U
  • Flexible scheduling and band combination testing
  • Fast processing for efficient analysis and troubleshooting
  • Integrated IMS and IP impairments for voice and video testing
  • Block error ratio (BLER) testing in real time for each technology and component carrier
  • End-to-end IP data throughput testing
  • Battery drain testing
  • RF testing to 3GPP performance requirements and beyond

Characterize 5G NR RedCap Devices

RedCap stands for Reduced Capability 5G NR devices. 3GPP approved this new device type in Release 17 to make it easier for 5G to be used with IoT devices. The reduced 5G NR capability allows for reduced cost during development and manufacturing. Typically, IoT uses low-cost devices in applications such as wearables, industrial sensors, smart homes and cities, and security and surveillance. Learn more about how our Wireless Network Emulation Solutions help to reduce cost while performing functional and RF tests on RedCap devices.

Data Throughput C8700200A UXM 5G Test Application Software

Characterize E2E IP Data Throughput

Verifying a design’s throughput under many conditions is essential to ensure acceptable performance for end users. The C8700200A Test Application Software’s powerful and interactive graphical display of real-time IP data throughput allows the characterization of chipset and device performance. Modify parameters such as scheduling and fading to analyze throughput performance under varying conditions.

Analyze Behavior with Carrier Aggregation

Carrier aggregation (CA) is an important aspect of 5G NR NSA and SA performance. Configure multiple 5G NR and LTE component carriers easily with the scheduling map and CA configuration screen of the C8700200A Test Application Software. Characterize RF and functional behavior of wireless designs under varying CA conditions.

S8711A Test Application Scheduling and LTE 5G Connected

Test Application Software Specifications

Configure and execute RF and functional tests of wireless chipsets and devices quickly with the Test Application Software using Keysight’s UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform. Characterize performance under real network conditions including:

  • 5G NR RedCap
  • 5G NR FR1 and FR2 NSA and SA with flexible scheduling
  • LTE, TDD and FDD
  • Non-terrestrial networks (NTN)
  • C-V2X, V2X sidelink, GSM, GPRS, EPGRS, and W-CDMA connections, and eCall
  • C-IoT
  • DL and UL MIMO
  • Carrier aggregation, 5G NR and LTE
  • Link adaptation, 5G NR and LTE
  • AWGN and fading
  • IP impairments

S8711A UXM 5G Test Application

The UXM 5G Test Application is a comprehensive suite of tools for network emulation, RF, and functional tests with higher level of configurability.

Keysight's S8711A UXM 5G Test Application is an interactive real-time testing tool that covers the full chipset and device development workflow from early prototype testing through integration and verification.

S8711A Test Application Scheduling and LTE 5G Connected

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