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E6701K GSM/GPRS and E6704A EGPRS Lab Applications

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Develop, integrate, and validate high data rate EGPRS UE’s

With the E6701K/E6704A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS lab application, developers have the only instrument available providing a systematic approach to root-cause analysis of high throughput issues in the mobile protocol stack; from decoded L1 to IP.

Test all the critical RF parameters

The E6701K provides flexible measurements including:

  • Transmit power (TxP)
  • Power vs time (PvT)
  • Phase and amplitude vs time (PAvT)
  • RF output spectrum (ORFS)
  • Error vector magnitude (EVM)
  • Bad frame indicator (BFI)
  • FACCH frame erasure rate (FER)
  • All the connections types required to fully analyze and debug your mobile device RF characteristics

Quick-turn just about any design change

With support for voice, video, short message service (SMS), multi-media messaging service (MMS), cell broadcast SMS (CBSMS), circuit-switched data, packet data call connections, DTM, multiple and secondary PDP contexts, design changes in anything from RF to TCP can be quickly validated with a complete regression test of mobile functions right at your desk.

Fast and flexible signaling – with you in control of network operations

Our network emulation is designed to make connecting calls fast and simple – and give you choices. We have pulled some of the most commonly requested parameters up from the protocol stack, providing many different connection scenarios without requiring you to fully understand the 3GPP stack and a complex scripting language. The E6701K delivers the control you need to get your job done faster.

The world’s wireless applications brought right to your fingertips

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. lab applications bring testing and tuning end-user applications right to your desk – without limiting how far your device may search when looking for real content. With our industry-leading SMS/MMS/cell broadcast messaging capabilities, push-to-talk over cellular, and blazing fast packet connections to the Internet over RF, you have the capability to test most mobile applications fully without leaving your office.

Developing more than just GSM/GPRS/EGPRS devices?

Just hook it up and go!

If your development needs go beyond GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, with additional firmware that same box on your desk can connect calls from AMPS to HSPA+ and everything in between. What’s more, Keysight leads the industry in support of 2G and 3G solutions for 1xEV-DO and W-CDMA/HSPA. Contact your Keysight sales engineer to learn how the E5515C/E test set gives you the flexibility to adapt quickly to emerging standards and technologies.

Together with the new Keysight test platform, the E7515A UXM, InterRAT tests between LTE and GSM/GPRS, such as cell selection/re-selection, connected data handover, CSFB, and RRC release with redirection are supported.

Functional test analysis

Reduce development and verification cycle time by systematically engaging mobile device layers “up the stack” to find design problems earl—before they are found by your customers.

Validate a phone’s data throughput capability while using SMS, MMS, data transfer, video, PoC, WAP, email, or other services.

Drive down defect resolution cost by finding complex hardware, protocol, and application related issues that are specific to how the phone will function on the network, early in the design cycle.

All this for a price that is significantly less than traditional script-based test equipment.

Base station emulation

From basic network settings like country code and cell ID, lab application variables for network emulation extend into such things as network operating mode, TMSI assignment, authentication, neighbor list management, and PDP context rejection, giving you the flexibility you need.

The pulse of mobile/network interactions

Wireless protocol advisor software gives you all messages for the mobile and network from MAC layer all the way to IP. Triggering and filtering functionality lets you set up troublesome scenarios, such as intermittent failures. That means you can begin the scenario on Friday and come back Monday morning to a bounded and focused protocol log of exactly what happened surrounding the particular issue.

E6701K Family of Lab Applications

E6701K is our latest application release for the industry leading call box and the right choice for R&D engineers needing world-class functionality in a single instrument. The E6701K added several new capabilities including LTE/2G interRAT handover.

This application also supports baseband fading with the N5106A PXB baseband genera­tor and channel emulator. This functionality requires hardware options E5515E-004, or E5515C-003 and 004.


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