PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys)


An integrated simulation and synthesis design tool for RF/microwave circuit board and subsystem designers


Keysight Genesys is an affordable, accurate, easy-to-use RF and microwave circuit synthesis and simulation tool created for the circuit board and subsystem designer. Providing the optimal balance of capabilities with ease-of-use, designers can quickly attain the skills necessary to operate the tool while realizing unbeatable engineering productivity through powerful automatic circuit synthesis technology. Genesys is available in 6 different languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional and Russian), further adding to its ease of global deployment and collaboration by engineers and technicians.

Genesys is endorsed by an installed base of over 5,000 satisfied RF and microwave designers worldwide, many of whom have been loyal repeat customers over the past 30 years. Genesys incorporates breakthrough nonlinear X-parameter simulation and is backed by Keysight’s extensive industry-wide expertise in RF/microwave design, instrumentation and support. As a proven safe investment, Genesys literally pays for itself through cost savings within its first year of deployment as a design productivity tool. As your requirements expand to include enterprise level design of RF/high speed boards, MMICs or multi-technology

RF system-in-package (SIP) modules, Keysight Technologies, Inc. protects your Genesys investment by providing full trade-up credit towards the even more capable Advanced Design System (ADS).

The core capabilities of Genesys can be extended with additional simulation and synthesis building blocks into powerful and affordable bundles.

Genesys configuration overview

Genesys offers the highest design productivity by providing:

  • Industry’s widest coverage of RF and microwave automatic circuit synthesis
  • Comprehensive RF system architecture and frequency planning tools
  • Modulated RF analysis of circuits and systems for EVM, BER and ACPR with WLAN 802.11ac and LTE-3GPP verification
  • Time- and frequency-domain circuit simulation with optimization
  • Fast, memory-efficient 3D-planar electromagnetic (EM) simulation
  • Accurate and convenient X-parameter nonlinear circuit and system simulation
  • Accurate frequency, temperature and bias dependent Sys-parameters models of vendor system blocks

Genesys core environment

All Genesys configurations start with the prerequisite Genesys core environment, which is itself a full-featured design bundle. Extended capabilities are added to other affordable bundles to include:

  • Filter, matching and circuit synthesis
  • RF system architecture
  • Modulated RF analysis (Dataflow- and frequency-domains)
  • Nonlinear circuit simulation (DC, time- and frequency-domains)
  • 3D-planar EM simulation

Genesys Synthesis

Genesys provides the industry’s widest coverage of passive and active circuit synthesis capabilities. The synthesis modules create high-performance circuits, accelerate routine design tasks from hours to minutes, and enable fast make-or-buy decisions on RF com­ponents. All 12 synthesis modules are included in the Genesys Synthesis building block. An economical subset containing the 4 most popular synthesis modules is the “filter and match” building block.

Genesys Simulation

Genesys offers comprehensive circuit, system and electromagnetic simulation capabilities that are provided in the following 4 building blocks which are used to construct powerful and economical Genesys RF and microwave board design bundles.

Genesys System Architecture

The Genesys system building block includes Spectrasys, a powerful RF system architecture and diagnostic simulator, and WhatIF, an innovative frequency planning synthesis that instantly identifies spurious-free bands when designing frequency conversion systems.

Genesys Modulated RF

The Genesys Modulated RF capability extends the prerequisite System building block by adding the SystemVue dataflow simulator. It enables RF designers to easily specify digitally modulated RF signals to analyze circuits and systems for digital modulation metrics such as EVM, BER and ACPR. Included WLAN and LTE verification libraries assure design compliance with the latest wireless standards.

Genesys EM Simulation

The Genesys EM block includes Momentum, the most advanced 3D-planar electromagnetic simulator in the industry that is also used in Keysight EEsof ADS flagship EDA tool. Momentum enables you to analyze the EM effects of physical circuit layout components that were not in your original design schematic, such as microstrip interconnects for SMT components, solder pads, vias, proximity ground planes and covers. Tightly integrated circuit-EM cosimulation allows you to optimize circuit parameters to compensate for these parasitic effects before you construct hardware, thereby eliminating wasteful time-robbing iterations. Links to Keysight EMPro full 3DEM simulator and Sonnet provides automatic setup of ports, materials and structure for additional EM corroboration if needed.

Genesys Co-Simulation

The already powerful system, circuit and electromagnetic simulators can also be used together to analyze, tune and optimize your designs in a single pass. This eliminates tedious and error-prone manual translation of data between simulators.

Circuit-system co-simulation

Enables nonlinear circuit parameters to be tuned and optimized to system specs in one pass. It eliminates tedious, non-interactive and error-prone creation of inaccurate system behavioral models from circuits to perform circuit-system verification.

Circuit-EM co-simulation

Automatically includes the physical effects of board layout in both linear and nonlinear circuit simulations.

It enables you to identify and fix circuit performance degradation caused by undesired proximity coupling, resonance and reflection from your RF board layout.

3D interactive viewing of animated surface current flows help you pinpoint the location of these problems without guesswork.


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