Advanced Design System (ADS) design elements provide additional capabilities to the W2200 ADS Core environment, enabling designers to customize the configuration of ADS to suit their design needs. Elements are comprised of distinct design and simulation functions, grouped together into very powerful and cost effective packages. For example, the W2300 Harmonic Balance ADS Element has a rich set of design and simulation elements including:

  • Harmonic Balance Simulator
  • Oscillator Design Guide
  • Power Amp Design Guide
  • Mixer Design Guide
  • Analog Model Development Kt

Elements provide an affordable and flexible way to expand your design and simulation capabilities by using them together with an existing ADS configuration or any ADS Bundle.

Additional Elements can be added to an existing bundle to extend the design and development capabilities.

Note: All Elements require W2200 ADS Core and other elements as required.

Featured Resources for Advanced Design System (ADS) Simulation Elements

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