Meet the SL106XX Measurement & Control Module Series

The Scienlab SL106XX Series covers a wide range of test, measurement, and control tasks. If required, you can combine your measurement task and scope.

They are ideal for carrying out challenging measurement tasks, even under difficult environmental conditions; for exampe, a climate chamber. The modules offer top quality, robustness, and easy and intuitive operation.

  • Precise, reproducible, and time-synchronous measurement data recording
  • Fully electrically isolated measurement channels up to 1,000 V insulated between each channel
  • Connection via open Ethernet interface; automatic detection of Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) software
  • Easy to use in challenging test environment (-40 °C to 80 °C, IP20)
  • Individual combination of different measurement module types


The SL106XX Series has modules with analog measurement inputs for voltages, temperature sensors, and a digital I/O module for recording and switching digital signals.

  • A communication interface enables the integration of various Fieldbus systems like CAN, FlexRay, or XCP
  • The MCM Terminal Control provides adjustable voltage outputs for BMS and DUT power supply as well as floating relay contacts to simulate terminals 15, 30, and more
  • Easy integration into the Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) or the customer's software
Scienlab Measurement & Control Module side view

Key Specifications


data acquisition with a synchronized time stamp in accordance with the Precision Time Protocol (PTP)


into Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) software or the customer's software

High insulation strength

up to 1,000 V for safe working conditions

Customizable data rate

parameters are freely programmable

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