By 2025, every car on the road will be “connected” in some way. The connected car combines the vehicle, communications, and the Internet of Things. Given the mission-critical safety requirements of modern vehicles and the need for interchangeable multi-vendor components to work together reliably, designers face more challenges than ever before.

Fortunately, making the “rubber meet the road” for the connected car is what we do best. Keysight is ready to help you drive your devices, systems, applications, and even the entire in-vehicle network over the finish line.

5G Paves the Way for Greater Connectivity

Telecommunications and the latest automotive technologies are merging rapidly to enable the autonomous vehicle of the future.

Keysight's innovations in 5G design and test solutions together with our focus on enabling autonomous driving technologies promise to help designers and manufacturers bring the Connected Car to the next level of functionality sooner.

Verify Automotive Ethernet Testing

Automotive Ethernet provides the new backbone for faster automotive networks to serve autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which need higher bandwidth and lower latency. It is fast replacing slower conventional networks like CAN, LIN and MOST, which cannot meet the data transmission speeds of modern ADAS and infotainment applications.

Keysight's innovative automotive Ethernet design and test solutions help you to meet industry standards from physical layer 1 through higher-layer protocols up to level 7. We also continue to provide a variety of serial bus tests for I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, CAN FD, CXPI, SENT, LIN, FlexRay, BroadR-Reach, and MOST to serve the automotive industry's networking needs.

Connect the Car

Connected cars are typically equipped with wireless access and WLAN. This allows the car to communicate via the internet with other devices, both inside and outside the vehicle, and with other vehicles and nearby infrastructure nodes.

Connected cars share information on road and traffic conditions to allow nearby cars to take appropriate action. Many refer to this as V2X or "vehicle to anything" communications. Some of the wireless technologies used include cellular, LTE, LTE-Advanced, WLAN (802.11p), Bluetooth, and near-field communication (NFC). 5G will also be used. Our wireless test solutions allow you to verify the various types of wireless technologies used in the connected car. Our powerful cellular + Wi-Fi emulation system delivers performance results from protocol signaling tests for a complete cellular and Wi-Fi system.

Validate Emergency Call (eCall) Systems

In case of an emergency, seconds mean the difference between life and death. Cars equipped with emergency calling services require validation.

Our eCall conformance test solutions perform end-to-end functional and standards-compliant conformance testing of eCall and ERA-GLONASS (Russian version of eCall) modules to save more lives.

Eliminate Interference

In a connected car, too much electromagnetic interference can cause sensitive electronic equipment to degrade and eventually, to malfunction. A false triggering of the car’s ignition system is a prime example. Ensuring the car’s compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and requirements is, therefore, critical. With our solutions, you can mitigate this risk by accurately evaluating emissions, identifying suspect signals, and diagnosing causes of non-compliant emissions.

Simplify Infotainment System Testing

Current and future automotive radio infotainment systems consist of wireless connectivity, GPS, display, and more. This will make manufacturers face various challenges to test all of these parameters while maintaining low manufacturing cost.

Keysight’s advanced infotainment test solutions help you measure your most demanding devices with a low residual distortion of <-110 dB while simplifying your testing environment with automatic tests and built-in test sequences.

Automotive Meets Smart Technologies

Learn the fastest way to test some of the most complex smart car technologies.

Want help testing your connected car systems, applications, or in-vehicle network?