• Pan European eCall and ERA-GLONASS support
  • Static and dynamic GNSS simulation
  • Optional audio performance testing(PESQ/POLQA)
  • Automated test Cases for eCall and ERA-GLONASS
  • PSAP software support Live Network Mode
  • E6950A ERA-GLONASS solution certified by Federal Agency of Technical Regulations and Metrology (Rosstandart).
  • eCall PSAP certified by NavCert
  • Next-Generation eCall capable with E6966B IMS software

The E6950A eCall/ERA-GLONASS Conformance Test Solution simulates a PSAP and controls a UXM/8960 and MXG to emulate a cellular network. It provides GNSS coordinates required by the IVS to compile the minimum set of data (MSD). This setup makes it possible to verify if the in-vehicle system or modem is able to trigger an emergency call, send the correct raw MSD data and establish a voice connection with the PSAP, testing both Pan European and ERA-GLONASS platforms – fully independent of any real-world mobile network. Optional audio analyzer for parallel testing of speech quality is available.

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