Extend Battery Life of Portable Devices

Portable devices use idle and sleep states to minimize current and extend battery life. An active state that transfers data can use 1,000 times more current. Seamless current ranging captures large active currents and small idle currents in the same waveform. Measure currents accurately down to microampere and nanoampere with Keysight's source / measure units.

  • voltage: 2-quadrant 0 to 20 V, 4-quadrant -20 to 20 V
  • current: -3 to 3 A or -8 to 8 A
  • power: 20 W single wide and 80 W double wide
  • emulate a battery; stable glitch-free sourcing and sinking
  • programmable output resistance to mimic a battery
  • data logging of voltage and current at 200 kSa/s
  • accurate current measurements with seamless ranging
  • characterizes sleep, idle, and active currents
  • analyzes a device and battery with voltmeter mode
  • includes a quick disconnect connector

Get Hands-On Learning

In the N6700 DC power supply hands-on video series, you will learn how to install modules, best practices for rack mounting the unit, how to program the N6700 using Keysight's free command expert tool, tips to protect your DUT, and how to select the right modules for your application.

Unboxing and Module Installation

Best Practices for Rack Mounting

How to Program the N6700

How to Protect Your DUT

Selecting the Right Modules

Key Specifications

Find the Model that's Right for You

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