The Keysight N6782A is a source/measure unit (SMU) designed specifically for the task of advanced functional testing of a device.


The Keysight N6782A is a source/measure unit (SMU) designed specifically for advanced functional testing of a device. The ability to modulate the output up to 100 kHz along with the capability to source and sink current (2-quadrant operation) makes the N6782A a perfect fit for advanced functional test of a variety of devices such as DC/DC converters, power management units, power amplifiers, and power management ICs. The input stage of the DUT can be stimulated by the fast sourcing and waveform capabilities. While the output stage can be loaded down and measured with the electronic load capabilities, providing a total test solution.

Output Ratings:

  • voltage: Up to 20 V
  • current: Up to ±3 A
  • power: 20 W

Programming Accuracy (at 23°C ± 5°C after 30 minute warm-up. Applies from min. to max. program):

  • voltage, 20 V range: 0.025% + 1.8 mV
  • voltage, 6 V range: 0.025% + 600 µV
  • current, 3 A and 1 A ranges: 0.04% + 300 µA
  • current, 300 mA range: 0.03% + 150 µA

Output Programming Speed:

  • output voltage can change in 10 µs or at 100 kHz into a resistive load

Measurement Accuracy (at 23°C ± 5°C):

  • voltage, 20 V range: 0.025% + 1.2 mV*
  • current, 3 A range: 0.03% + 250 µA*
  • current, 100 mA range: 0.025% + 10 µA*
  • current 10 µA range: 0.025% + 8 nA

*Supports Seamless Measurement Ranging

Other features and benefits of the N6782A:

  • glitch-free sourcing and measurement ― change output and measurement ranges without any glitches
  • 2-quadrant operation ― perform as a voltage or current source or as a CV or CC electronic load
  • four current measurement ranges ― precisely capture the current levels of the DUT during different modes of operation
  • excellent transient response ― keep voltage or current stable during high-speed load changes
  • fast modulation of DC ― create waveforms up to 100 kHz to stimulate or load down the DUT
  • high-speed digitized measurements ― capture/view the power consumption of the DUT up to every 5 µs with built-in 200 kHz digitizer

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