Keysight PZ2100 Series High-Channel Density Precision Source / Measure Unit Solution

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The Keysight PZ2100 Series is the leading automated test equipment (ATE) solution that integrates enormous source / measure unit (SMU) resources into valuable rack space with flexible module options. The PZ2100 provides flexible scalability with multiple SMU module options covering a wide range of applications, from conventional static DC measurements down to 10 fA to emerging dynamic / pulsed measurements up to 15 MSa/s and down to 10 μs width. The PZ2100 provides an uncompromising high[1]density integration that fully uses available rack space, slots, or SMU module capabilities. The PZ2100 enables a lower cost per channel and 20x smaller rack space than conventional SMUs, significantly reducing your test costs and saving valuable rack space.

Save Cost and Valuable Rack Space

Keysight PZ2100A Precision SMU Mainframe

The Keysight PZ2100A is the precision source/measure unit (SMU) mainframe that uncompromisingly and densely integrates 20 SMU channels at maximum into valuable 1U height, full width, rack space with flexible module options at their best performance. It supports a variety of resources such as the Keysight PZ2110A High-Resolution SMU, PZ2120/21A High-Speed SMUs, and PZ2130/31A High-Channel Density SMUs with multiple functions such as pulser and digitizer, as well as precise voltage/current sourcing and measuring to adapt to a wide range of application requirements.

Flexibly configurable and upgradable at lower cost / ch

The Keysight PZ2100A is a precision SMU mainframe that provides 4 slots and flexibly integrates 5 SMU module options. It allows any mixed module configuration, which enables you to configure and upgrade your test system flexibly according to your application requirements.

Scalable up to 20 channels, 20x higher density than conventional SMU

The PZ2100A integrates up to 20 SMU channels into valuable 1U-height, full-width rack space, and unlike conventional SMUs, it does not require any cooling spacers when stacked. It achieves a 20x smaller footprint than conventional SMUs and enables you to save cost and valuable rack space.

All-in-one SMU integrating pulser / digitizer

Resource integration reduces measurement error

An SMU is an instrument that combines the capabilities of a current source, a voltage source, a current meter, and a voltage meter, along with the ability to switch easily between these various functions. The source and measurement circuitry are closely integrated, allowing user to achieve far better measurement performance with less measurement error than using various independent instruments to make the same measurement.

Feedback mechanism stabilizes voltage and current sourcing

Since SMUs can very accurately measure their own current and voltage output, they have many advantages over conventional power supplies. All SMUs have internal feedback loops that provide instantaneous feedback to the sourcing circuitry, which in turn allows the SMU output to remain accurate and stable even if the load conditions change unexpectedly.

Pulser / digitizer integration

The Keysight PZ2100 Series provides an all-in-one SMU module that integrates pulser / digitizer functions with conventional SMU functions, such as precise DC voltage / current sourcing and measuring. The integration enables the PZ2100 Series to meet emerging dynamic / pulsed measurement

requirements without additional instruments.

Limit (compliance) feature prevents device damage SMUs also possess a voltage and current limit (compliance) feature that allows the user to set limits and protect devices from damage caused by excessive voltage or current.

Wide Application Coverage from DC To Dynamic Measurements

The Keysight PZ2100 Series provides an all-in-one SMU that integrates pulser / digitizer functions into a conventional SMU capability. Its pulser enables narrow pulsed measurements down to 10 μs width, and its digitizer mode enables fast dynamic measurements with a sampling rate of up to 15 MSa/s. An auto measurement range capability enables a wide dynamic range in DC measurements, and the seamless current measurement ranging function offers a wide dynamic range, even in dynamic measurements. These capabilities help the PZ2100 Series cover a wide range of applications, from conventional static DC measurements with high resolution down to 10 fA to emerging dynamic / pulsed measurements without additional instruments


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