Fast, Easy Integration to CI/CD Tools

DevOps teams want continuous testing that will accelerate continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) through the SDLC. But manual testing, which employs different tools that don’t talk to each other, can lead to delays and errors that slow down software release cycles. DevOps teams need a continuous testing solution that:


  • Triggers automated test builds
  • Accurately reports test results
  • Provides full visibility and traceability of test results 

Eggplant’s portfolio of powerful CI/CD adapters — for Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and more — enables you to connect and extract data from packaged applications. This functionality speeds up test modeling and test case development to enable fully automated deployment and end-to-end application testing across your full technology stack.

How It Works

  • Enhanced integration with leading CI/CD tool chains. If your team uses Jenkins, Azure DevOps, or GitHub, use Eggplant to seamlessly integrate with these tools and trigger automated testing across the entire SLDC.
  • Accurate testing feedback. Eggplant provides detailed root cause analysis and pinpoint failure analysis in a unified, non-proprietary format, enabling comprehensive observability of your test results.
  • Extensible test platform. Via open testing or open APIs, your DevOps team can rely on Eggplant to support any CI/CD tool within your technology ecosystem.

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