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A 30-60-90-Day Plan for QA Leaders


Quality assurance (QA) in software testing is pivotal in today’s world, where the demand for rapid and reliable software solutions is ever-increasing. New software releases, updates, and features launch daily, and end-users expect these offerings to be bug-free, user-friendly, and dependable. In the competitive landscape of the software industry, testing is not just a phase; it is a mission-critical function.

The role of a software tester has evolved over the years. Testers are no longer solely responsible for manual testing; they are now instrumental in championing automation, which is the key to accelerating testing processes, increasing test coverage, and ensuring high-quality software.

This eBook presents a comprehensive 30-60-90-day automation plan for QA leaders looking to champion an automation strategy for their teams. The following chapters outline the steps a QA manager should take to successfully implement automation in today’s software development landscape.


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