API Testing Verifies Results from a User Perspective

Enterprise applications connected by application programming interfaces (APIs) have traditionally required numerous tools to test each technology layer. Using multiple tools can:

  • Reduce end-to-end functional and usability testing
  • Slow down functional testing for deployment release
  • Leave API results unverified and end-to-end workflows untested

To accelerate releases, DevOps teams need to be able to test multiple tech layers together to eliminate redundant tools and create efficiencies. Eggplant Test software uses a model-based approach to test system-wide responses to business scenarios, prevent glitches, and optimize customer experience. Our platform ensures APIs work together seamlessly to enable security, reporting, and access control — so all systems are ready to go when you are.

How It Works

  • Easy-to-understand visual modeling. Model API requests with ease, providing a simple and visual representation of the complex logic of an API endpoint.
  • Accelerated API evaluation. Discover and auto-generate API tests from Swagger or OpenAPI specifications.
  • End-to-end (E2E) contract testing. Generate all possible permutations of request and response pairs to allow for E2E contract testing of API chains and associated versioning.

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Test New Releases with Ease

Simplify your testing process and save valuable time with Eggplant Test's digital twin modeling. Our software provides robust end-to-end testing for all your enterprise applications and is compatible with Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle. Watch the video to learn more.

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