PathWave System Design software bundles provide system engineers with a choice of value-packed, pre-configured combinations of software built for specific system design challenges. These combinations provide up to three different simulation technologies: RF systems, communications/digital signal processing, and phased array analysis. There are also several add-on elements that add powerful features to the system design workflow as well as libraries that enable system-level design and verification for specific industry applications such as radar/EW and cellular communications.

PathWave System Design Application Kits

Application kits can be added to PathWave System Design to accomplish deeper analysis or specific implementation tasks, for both RF system architectures and high-speed digital design. They can be added to any PathWave System Design environment.

Application Kits

PathWave DPD Design Kit

  • Capture amplifier nonlinearity and create predistortion algorithms and settings for linearization of cellular and WiFi systems.

PathWave AMI Modeling Kit

  • Build and generate IBIS-AMI models of SerDes chips and modules for use in your high-speed digital (HSD) simulations.

PathWave C++ Code Generation Kit

  • Create transportable C++ models of certain algorithmic blocks from PathWave System Design for use in other applications.

PathWave Ray Tracing Kit

  • Complex environment modeling interface for automotive radar system simulation using shooting-bouncing rays (SBR) technique to capture large number of targets including independent motion. Output is used in conjunction with W4525E PathWave Automotive Library.

PathWave STK Link

  • Connects PathWave System Design simulations to scenario models from Systems Tool Kit (STK) by AGI, Inc. enabling users to combine complex radar and electronic warfare (EW) scenarios with advanced kinematics and accurate RF system models.


Table 1. PathWave System Design application kits

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PathWave System Design application kits can be added to any System Design environment or bundle.

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