Complex environment modeling interface for automotive radar system simulation using shooting-bouncing rays (SBR) technique to capture a large number of targets including independent motion. Output is used in conjunction with PathWave automotive library.


The W4513E PathWave Ray Tracing Kit includes:

  • Ray-tracing environment modeling for automotive radar testing
  • Create complex target scenarios to validate radar system performance
  • Use existing models or import additional from physical CAD tools

The W4513E PathWave Ray Tracing Kit Element consists of a separate GUI software which is called from PathWave System Design and a Ray Tracing Engine embedded in the platform. For automotive radar complex scenario modelling applications.

The benefit to the user is the ability to model automotive radar scenarios with greater accuracy than previously possible. With the advent of imaging radars, this enhanced accuracy is essential to verifying mission-critical functionality and performance.

The demand for autonomous vehicles (AVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is causing rapid growth in automotive radar solutions. New frequency ranges and new types of radar signals are changing the capabilities of this safety technology and challenging developers to handle increasingly complicated radar processing. Testing designs with many different complex scenarios is necessary to validate radar algorithm performance. Companies are turning to simulation to help validate their designs earlier in the design cycle to offset complex and costly real-world testing.


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