Test Power Converters, Batteries, and Power Supplies

Test devices that store or convert energy by adding a DC electronic load to your Keysight N6700 Series power supply. The Keysight N6790 Series electronic load modules can perform a static or dynamic test and are available in two sizes: single-wide 100 W and double-wide 200 W modules.

  • Voltages up to 60 V
  • Sink current up to 20 or 40 A
  • Advance operating modes: CV, CC, CR, CP
  • Up to four 100 W loads per mainframe
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • High speed synchronized digitization of voltage and current
  • Power and load modules in the same mainframe
  • Optional advanced power control and analysis software

Convenience without compromise

The convenience of having a power supply and an electronic load in the same mainframe reduces the complexity of testing a device that converts or stores energy. The Keysight N6790 Series electronic load modules can perform a static or dynamic test. A 16-bit, 200 kHz high-speed measurement system captures these fast-dynamic events. Simultaneous voltage and current measurements allow accurate energy calculations.

Key Specifications

Number of Channels

Up to 4

Total Dissipated Power

100 to 400 W

Programming Accuracy

0.04% + 0.46 mA

Measurement Accuracy

0.04% +0.4 mA

Modern Connectivity


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Advance Power Control and Analysis Software

Characterize dynamic voltage and current waveforms, even generate power arbitrary waveforms. Use three modes of analysis: scope rapid events, data logger for extended periods, and CCDF for statistical analysis.

  • Measure between markers, zoom, and save a segment of interest
  • Easily create complex waveforms with a formula, imported data, or predefined segments
  • Embed in software using API interface
  • Select software for one instrument BV9201B or multiple BV9204B

Access measurement and power arbitrary waveform capability in your N6705C DC power analyzer, N7900 Series, and RP7900 Series power supplies.


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