PathWave RFPro 3DEM Simulation link option to use 3rd party Ansys HFSS FEM simulator.


The W3061E PathWave RFPro HFSS Link Option includes:

  • Enables Ansys HFSS FEM simulator to be used with PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) RFPro
  • Automates setup of HFSS FEM simulation of ADS physical design without layout modification or cookie cutting
  • Automates setup of HFSS FEM and ADS circuit cosimulation
  • Eliminates tedious manual setup and costly EM ports-to-circuit nodes connection errors

Enables Ansys HFSS user to enjoy the convenience of ADS RFPro 3DEM environment to automatically set up 3DEM simulation parameters such as ports, material properties & meshes from an ADS design to run HFSS FEM simulation. Run 3DEM-circuit cosimulation interactively in ADS without layout modifications or cookie cutting. This option eliminates complicated manual 3DEM setup and EM ports-to-circuit nodes reconnection errors when performing EM-circuit cosimulation with ADS and Ansys HFSS. Requires separately purchased HFSS license from Ansys.

Note: This element license requires a host bundle to work. For recommended bundle configurations, click here.

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