Multiple Measurement Instruments in One Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

The Keysight B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer is an all-in-one device characterization analyzer supporting IV, CV, pulse/dynamic IV and more. The mainframe and plug-in modules enable characterization of most electronic devices, as well as materials, semiconductors, and active/passive components. The B1500A modular architecture gives you the flexibility to upgrade when needed.

  • Switch between CV and IV measurements without re-cabling
  • Capture ultra-fast transient phenomena not possible with other conventional test instruments
  • Detect multi-frequency AC capacitance measurements from a range of 1 kHz to 5 MHz
  • Analyze data without an external PC using the intuitive 15-inch touch screen interface
  • Configure the B1500A with your choice of measurement modules, up to 10 slots in a box
  • Enjoy the 15-inch wide touch screen with intuitive EasyEXPERT group+ software

Device Characterization in 3 Steps

Use the included EasyEXPERT group+ characterization software on the B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer or your PC. EasyEXPERT group+ includes over 300 ready-to-use application tests, which allow you to make a measurement in three easy steps:

Step 1: Select a measurement from one of the built-in libraries

Step 2: Modify measurement parameters and save customizations in your favorites

Step 3: Press the measure button and the results display graphically

Key Specifications

Max Output Coverage

200 V / 1 A

Max SMU Channels


Connector Type

Active guard triaxial

Min Measure Resolution

0.1 fA / 0.5 µV



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