Teaching Solutions Designed to Help Educators

Keysight offers university-level, curriculum-based teaching solutions that can enhance your engineering courses. Engage your students with thought-provoking lectures and offer them hands-on lab experience using industry-standard tools and techniques.

Each complimentary teaching solution comes with editable slides for classroom instruction and a training kit filled with detailed lab procedures, and university educators can customize for students of engineering.

Electronics Courseware

Keysight electronic teaching solutions enable university educators to create a high-quality learning experience for your students in analog component characteristics, analog circuit design, and electronic instrumentation and measurement. A special Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) teaching solution focuses on (MEMS) technologies, the micro fabrication process, electrical characterization, and applications.

RF and Microwave and Wireless Communications Courseware

Keysight offers over 15 complimentary education teaching solutions covering RF/MW and Wireless Communications. Enhance the wireless communication courses with teaching materials and hands-on labs in RF circuit design, mobile communications, digital modulation, digital signal processing, RADAR, EMI/EMC, embedded system design, and more.

Digital and Embedded Systems Courseware

The embedded system is also known as an integrated system due to its combination of hardware and software. An integrated system is now available in many areas such as smart homes, offices, transportation, healthcare, industry, and aerospace and defense.

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