Military communications (MilCom) demand performance, interoperability, and reliability in networks ranging from ad hoc and local to wider area coverage with cellular infrastructure support. Many MilCom solutions must simultaneously support legacy military communications equipment and newer technologies. To provide enhanced situational awareness, MilCom increasingly leverages consumer-first technologies such as fourth-generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) and wireless local area networking (WLAN). MilCom networks also realize the benefits of adopting newer digital modulation formats.

Your measurement solutions must be able to test all aspects of these versatile radios as they evolve with communications technology. Our scalable, flexible testing approach allows you to minimize IP migration, expedite manufacturing timeliness, reduce test engineering costs, and improve measurement correlation.

Keeping Pace with Military Radio Communications

Keysight’s M8920A radio test set supports many formats to ensure rigorous testing of MilCom networks as they evolve. By combining PXI hardware with application-specific software in a single flexible and scalable chassis, it provides broad multiformat coverage for next-generation radio testing. It has a scalable modular architecture for efficient and complete test development and execution needed for the manufacturing and radio maintenance environment. It also supports general-purpose measurements and commercial standards (LTE, WLAN, and Bluetooth®) for next-generation radio test.

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Transform Your Design and Test Workflow

Traditional MilCom design and development workflows are full of design and test silos, unnecessary rework, and legacy manual processes. Accelerate your workflow with Keysight PathWave, the platform for agile and connected engineering workflows.

The PathWave software platform provides military communications design and development teams with a consistent user experience, common data formats, and efficient data sharing. Every step in your product development path is connected and integrated.

Channel Emulation

Manufacturers and military forces require the ability to test mixed networks that combine tactical and avionics radios with satellite links. This ensures the robust inter-operation of avionics, surveillance, radar, or satellite systems for mission critical wireless communications.

Your deployments involve increasingly complex and advanced technologies, such as MIMO and beamforming for military communication systems. They require accelerated testing of large mesh network topologies with dynamically changing radio channel and interference conditions.

The PROPSIM MANET Channel Emulation Solution is a highly scalable and flexible solution. It supports configurations of up to 64 radios for testing large SISO and MIMO mesh-network topologies with up to 1.2 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth. The ultra-wideband support enables testing gigabit links.

Minimize Risk with Keysight Services

As military communication systems rapidly evolve, and test complexity intensifies, there is an urgency for test modernization and predictable costs. You count on the reliability of measurement accuracy at increasingly higher bandwidths.

Keysight can help you identify underutilized assets, trade them in for credit, and get to market sooner with our Tech Refresh Services. We deliver our instruments with accredited, traceable calibration to ensure consistent communication performance.

To dramatically increase your test asset return on investment, our Test Asset Optimization Services help you see an accurate test asset inventory, share equipment across teams, monitor real-time utilization, and measure equipment health.

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