5G design and validation teams face new and diverse test challenges to accelerate the development and integration of O-RAN-compliant equipment. Keysight's engagement on the O-RAN Alliance fronthaul interface conformance test specification helps speed the development of conformance validation. We can help you to verify the interoperability between O-RAN radio units (RUs) and distributed units. O-RAN Alliance members benefit from Keysight's cross-domain test and measurement expertise in digital and radio frequency (RF).


We can help you debug, characterize, validate, and test both the RF performance and functional operation of your next-generation 5G New Radio (NR) RU. Open RAN Studio provides you powerful O-RAN focused tools to construct, play, capture, and measure O-RAN traffic over 10 Gbps / 25 Gbps (fronthaul) Ethernet interfaces. Out-of-the-box integration with our PathWave Signal Generation and 89600 VSA software enables sophisticated 5G signal creation and easy capture, extraction, and export of IQ vectors – for advanced modulation analysis of received RF / mmWave signals and radio performance.

PathWave Signal Generation

5G NR signal generation and playback

Open RAN Studio

Construct and measure O-RAN traffic over fronthaul Ethernet interfaces

5G NR Modulation Analysis

Demodulation to pinpoint signal issues

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