Redefining Massive MIMO Testing

Keysight delivers S9160A Massive MIMO and MIMO RF Beamforming Test Accelerator solution for Open RAN Radio Unit (O-RU) and complete base station RF MIMO and massive MIMO RF beamforming testing.

Perform 4TR to 64TR Massive MIMO and MIMO instant multiport RF MIMO beamforming measurements or sequential Massive MIMO RF antenna port beamforming measurements.

  • Examine the performance of users or signals, with up to 8x8 spatial multiplexing MIMO or up to 64 channels massive MIMO and beamforming.
  • Measure and generate downlink and uplink RF/L1 all beam weights, beam shapes, and signals.
  • Pinpoint beamforming issues using Keysight's advanced measurement applications.
  • See-through complex signals and beams in uplink and downlink 
    • SSB, PDSCH, CSI-RS, antenna port-specific beam weights, and 3D beam shapes
    • Uplink PRACH, PUSCH, SRS
  • Test uplink SRS-based downlink massive MIMO scheduling
  • Test single- and multi-user beamforming 
  • S9160A is available in scalable RF transceivers from 4 up to 64 RF transceivers in a single RF test instrument.
  • PathWave Signal Analysis and Signal Generation

The solution is extendable to include:

  • WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer for real-time protocol decoding and PHY analysis
  • Open RAN Studio software for O-RU Testing and Validation suite (U5040BSCB)
  • O-RAN Radio Unit Test Automation Solution (including O-RAN Conformance testing) (P705xA)
  • Base Station Measurement Automation Solution (including 3GPP Conformance testing) (P7000A)

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