PathWave Thermal Design

Device-level electrothermal simulator for ICs and stacked-die SiP

Thermal Design and Analysis Software

Accurate Thermal Simulation for Every Device

High-performance ICs have areas with very high power density, causing excessive temperature variations. PathWave Thermal Design computes a 3D temperature profile of your chip and inputs thermal analysis data into your circuit simulation. It works with several IC design tools, including Cadence Virtuoso. Let PathWave Thermal Design neutralize your device’s adverse temperature effects before you commit to fabrication.

  • Compute the full temperature profile of your device
  • Uncover temperature variations in mixed-signal designs
  • Simulate temperature without laborious data preparation
  • Input thermal analysis data in your circuit simulator
  • Analyze geometric features at the submicron scale
  • Detect reliability issues with realistic temperature data

Reveal Thermally-Induced Circuit Failures Before Tape-Out

Temperature variations cause measurement and simulation uncertainty. Taking the average temperature of a chip to run a circuit simulation does not provide enough accuracy for your device. Learn how PathWave Thermal Design eliminates the need to estimate device temperature by revealing thermally-induced circuit failures with resolution and accuracy.

PathWave Thermal Design was previously known as HeatWave.

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