Sanjole is now part of Keysight

Sanjole is Now Part of Keysight Technologies

Keysight recently completed the acquisition of Sanjole, a leader in solutions for protocol decoding and interoperability of the 4G and 5G technologies.

With the addition of the Sanjole solutions, Keysight portfolio enhances its capabilities to provide industry-leading, end-to-end 5G solutions across the entire wireless ecosystem. Sanjole's software offerings will enhance Keysight's 5G solutions for modem, chipset, and radio access network (RAN) customers. Together, Keysight and Sanjole will be able to provide communications standards-validated interoperability testing, enable fast debugging, and accelerate time to deployment for customers.

Sanjole Wireless Analyzers provide problem solving capabilities from inside the wireless network through deep analysis tools that provide visibility into events spanning multiple layers. This way, it is possible to locate protocol exchange errors not found in end equipment logs and understand how the PHY affects upper layer performance.

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