This Microsoft Excel sample VBA program enables the ENA user to transfer the data to an external PC.

Revision Number

Rev.01.06 (For Excel 2010, 32/64-bit version)
Rev.01.05 (For Excel 2007)

Supported functions

  • Transfers the measurement data and the display image from the ENA to a PC


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 (32/64-bit version)
  • Supported Firmware
    • E5061B: Rev. A.02.00 or later
    • E5071C: Rev. A.10.05 or later
    • E5072A: Rev. A.01.03 or later
    • E507xB: Rev. A.06.51 or later
    • E506xA: Rev. A.03.01 or later

How to install and run this file

  • Open "ENA_DataTransfer_macro_xxxx.xlsm" on the PC and enable the macro. To run the macro, click "Run Macro" in the sheet1.
VBA Image