Example programs work with N6705A mainframes with any of the N67xx DC power modules.

This zip file contains an example on how to do an external datalog on a N6705A DC Power Analyzer. External datalogging allows the user to store their datalogs on their computer instead of a drive connected to the N6705A’s USB port.

Download the file and unzip it to get the project files.

This example is written in Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0 using the Keysight VISA-COM IO library that is included with the Keysight IO Libraries.

This program will allow a user to set up communication with a Keysight DC Power Analyzer, set the output of the DC Power Analyzer, and log data directly to a CSV file on their computer.

Please e-mail any feedback on this example to plsp-power_prod_support@keysight.com

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