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릴리스 날짜 버젼 버전 설명
2018-06-29 A.2 U1831C firmware version A.2
릴리스 날짜 버젼
2018-06-29 A.2
Version Description
U1831C firmware version A.2

다운로드 방법

  • Click on the "Download" button.
  • Save the file to your computer and note the directory where the file is saved.
  • Unzip the file, ensure the 4 files are available (WinUSB Driver folder, A.2_Upgrade.hex, HID_Bootloader_PIC18_Integrated and mcHID.dll).
  • NOTE: The .net framework 3.5 is required to upgrade U1831C firmware.

설치 방법

  1. Connect DUT to PC.
  2. Install "WinUSB Driver" to the PC. To do so, right-click on "My Computer/This PC" and select "Properties". Click on "Device Manager". Select the DUT connected (under "Universal Serial Bus Controller") and expand the list. Then right-click on the "U183XX External USB Smart Noise Source" and subsequently "Update Driver Software". Browse for the "WinUSB Driver" folder and proceed for installation.
  3. Save "mcHID.dll" into C:\Windows\system folder.
  4. Click on the "HID_Bootloader_PIC18_Integrated.exe" file. The firmware upgrade window will appear.
  5. Select the DUT to be upgraded from the list. Click on the "Upgrade" button.
  6. Click on "Open Hex File" to select the "A.2_Upgrade.hex" downloaded earlier.
  7. Click on "Program/Verify" button. Once completed a message "Program/Verify Passed" will appear.
  8. Click on the "Reset Device" button. The DUT is now ready with the new firmware installed.


  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on: PC / Instrument

운영 체제

  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 10

선결 조건

  • Information Not Available

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  • U1831C
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