This page contains the current release of J7211A/B/C Attenuation Control Unit firmware.

Please note that you DO NOT need to return your J7211A/B/C to Keysight service center for performing the firmware upgrade. The J7211A/B/C firmware upgrade can easily be performed on your own with the information and tools available on this web page.

Download, read and follow J7211A/B/C Attenuation Control Unit’s firmware update procedures listed below the page prior to upgrading.

Known issues for previous revisions (this has been fixed in Rev. A.00.04):

  • “INPUT:ATT:INCR” and “INPUT:ATT:DECR” does not report error message when value is clipped to maximum or minimum as stated in user manual.
  • When “*RST” is send to reset the product, it does not return to main menu.
  • When “:CORR?” is sent, it does not return the current calibration corrected value of current frequency setting but instead it returns the calibration corrected value at 0GHz.
  • It does not refresh attenuation level information on LCD screen when legacy commands (e.g. A1234B5678) are sent.
  • It does not refresh attenuation level information on LCD screen when “:route:open” and “:route:close” commands are sent.
  • Some units will shut down when “: system: power on” is sent and it also happen when user controls from web on/off button.
  • There is a typo display as “Press (OK) to clear Attenuator A” when user is clearing cycles for Attenuator B.
  • When cycle A is clear to zero, both cycle A and B will become zero.
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릴리스 날짜 버젼 버전 설명
2009-07-08 A.00.04 J7211A/B/C Firmware Revision A.00.04
릴리스 날짜 버젼
2009-07-08 A.00.04
Version Description
J7211A/B/C Firmware Revision A.00.04

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  • See Documentation


  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on: Instrument

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  • See Documentation

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  • J7211A, J7211B, J7211C
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