The E6432A VXI plug&play driver requires the following hardware and software:

  • Windows NT 4.0®1 Framework
  • Windows NT 4.0 computer with Service Pack 3 or higher
  • Minimum of 32 MB of RAM or higher
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Keysight E8403A C-size VXI mainframe or equivalent

One of the following Slot 0 Modules:

  • E8491A IEEE-1394 PC Link to VXI Using a PCI to IEEE-1394 Interface (FireWire)
  • E2094G I/O library version G.02.02 (which contains VISA®2 1.1) or higher
  • E623x Embedded VXI Pentium PC Controller or equivalent
  • E2094G I/O library version G.02.02 (which contains VISA®2 1.1) or higher
  • NI VXI-MXI-2 - Using a PCI-MXI-2 Interface
  • National Instrument® VISA?2 I/O library version 2.0 or higher
  • E6432A driver revision A.01.00 or higher
  • National Instruments CVI run-time engine, Revision 5.5, is needed by the E6432A driver's soft front panel; this must be installed prior to running e6432a_plugandplay_driver.exe. Refer to National Instruments for a CVI run-time engine.

1Windows NT 4.0 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

2VISA is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation.

Keysight는 가능한 최신 버전을 사용하는 것을 권장하며, 최신 버전에는 현재 사용 가능한 가장 최신 버그 수정 및 보안 패치가 포함되어 있습니다.
릴리스 날짜 버젼 버전 설명
2002-10-25 n/a e6432_plug&play_driver.exe
릴리스 날짜 버젼
2002-10-25 n/a
Version Description

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  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on: PC

운영 체제

  • Windows NT

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  • E6432A
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