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86100D Transmitter Waveform Output Utility

Recent communications standards for high data rate signals have added new requirements to characterize the subtleties of these challenging waveforms. The IEEE Standards 802.3ap-2007 and 802.3ba-2010 have added requirements to characterize voltages at six locations in time. In addition, these standards require that transition times be measured on the same pattern used to obtain the voltages. The OIF CEI 28G and SFF-8431 standards also require transition time measurements on these edges; each standard differently defines what portion of the zero and one levels should be used for the transition time measurements. This Excel utility measures the voltages at the specified times, measures the transition times per each of the standards, and provides tabular and graphical results.

What's Required

  • 86100C/D Infiniium Digital Communications Analyzer
  • 86100C opt. 001 /86100D opt. ETR Enhanced Trigger (hardware option)
  • 86100C/D opt. 201 Advanced Waveform Analysis (software option)
  • Minimum firmware revision: Classic DCA interface A.10.60
  • MATLAB® installed on 86100C/D Infiniium Digital Communications Analyzer
    • 86100C requires Matlab 2008A or below
    • 86100D can be used with Matlab 2008A and above
  • Differential electrical receiver such as 86108A/B, 86117A or 86112A
  • Microsoft Excel, at least 2003 version, installed on remote computer
  • Keysight IO Libraries installed on remote computer
  • LAN or GPIB connection between remote computer and 86100C/D
  • Differential electrical transmitter, configured for pattern of 8 consecutive ones followed by 8 consecutive zeros


  1. Route the signal from the transmitter to the differential measurement receiver using short, high quality cables
  2. Configure the mainframe and measurement module, including clock recovery and precision timebase as needed, to obtain the square wave pattern on the screen
  3. Download the Excel file from the link below onto your computer
  4. Run the .xls file, which will open Excel with the user interface page
  5. In dark blue box entitled Instrument GPIB/TCPIP Address, enter the GPIB or LAN address of the 86100C/D mainframe, where n is the specific address
    • For LAN, the format is: TCPIP::nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn::inst0::INSTR
    • For GPIB, the format is: GPIB::n::INSTR
  6. In dark blue box entitled Data Rate (Gb/sec), enter the transmitter data in Gb/sec
  7. Click on Start Measurement
  8. The instrument will start displaying activity and different timebase settings
  9. Excel will update the Tabular Results table with the time, voltage and transition time values
  10. When all measurements are complete, Excel will update the Graphical Results
  11. Click on Copy Image to Clipboard to use the screen shot in another application
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2012-01-31 2.20 86100D Transmitter Waveform Output Utility Ver 2.10
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2012-01-31 2.20
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86100D Transmitter Waveform Output Utility Ver 2.10

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