Keysight TestExec SL continues to boost productivity by offering unique advantages for test plan development and ease of use.

The key features in TestExec SL 8.1 include:

1. Parallel Mode - Threaded sequence feature working together with throughput multiplier enables multiple units under test (UUTs) to run simultaneously.

2. Asynchronous Mode - User can choose when to run a threaded sequence. Threaded sequences can start and stop independently from each other or they can run simultaneously in different threads.

3. Test time reduction - Enable test sequences to run concurrently to speed-up single UUT test.

In addition, there is a list of interesting enhancements to serve you better!

1. Instruments sharing - In Parallel and Asynchronous mode, instruments can be shared among different Threaded Sequences. The “Lock Instrument Handlers” feature can be used to lock a shared instrument so that only a Threaded Sequence can access the shared instrument at a time.

2. Same UUT Symbol Value - User can set same symbol value for different UUTs in a Threaded Sequence that turned-on Throughput Multiplier.

3. Reporting - User can filter report results and messages by Sequence Name and UUT position. The number of passed tests and failed tests for a threaded sequence in Asynchronous mode will be displayed once the threaded sequence finish execution.

4. Data logging - Data logging has been enhanced to support Sequential, Parallel or Asynchronous mode in Threaded Sequences execution.

5. TestExec SL Control - New Methods and Events are added to support Threaded Sequences and Asynchronous mode.

6. Testplan Validation - Ensure Global shared variables are locked and all Threaded Sequences in the same Sequence Group are called only once, to avoid crash in Parallel and Asynchronous mode execution.

7. Save As Previous Version - This feature allows user to save current testplan as a previous version, such as TestExec SL 8.0 or TestExec SL 7.1. However, features available in TestExec SL 8.1 will be lost after the conversion.