Momentum is the leading 3D electromagnetic (EM) planar simulator that combines full-wave and quasi-static EM solvers for RF passives, high-frequency interconnects and parasitic modeling. Its efficient meshing, adaptive frequency sampling and threaded NlogN solver reduces simulation time. Momentum can simulate complex EM effects including skin effect, substrate effect, thick metals and multiple dielectrics.

The Momentum simulator engine is delivered in multiple EDA products in order to incorporate into the various design flows. Momentum is available in the following products:

Momentum for use with ADS


With ADS, Momentum is provided in almost all of the key product bundles. For more information, refer to the ADS Product Structure and Options.

The two key ADS elements related to Momentum are:

Momentum for use with Genesys


With Genesys, Momentum is integrated into an EM block provided in serveral key Genesys bundles.

The Genesys EM Block includes both Momentum GFX and Momentum GX. For more information, refer to Genesys Momentum GXF & Genesys Momentum GX Simulation.

Momentum for use with GoldenGate


With GoldenGate, Momentum can be seamlessly integrated into the Cadence Virtuoso environment. For more information, refer to the Momentum G2 Element

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