To update the FieldFox firmware from A.07.05 or later:


  1. Click the appropriate FieldFox Firmware Update link on the previous page to download the file to a known location in computer.
  2. Right click on the file and make the appropriate menu selection to extract the compressed files.
  3. Check the results of the unzip operation - check that the following file and directory exist: XYZ:\N9912A_A.UPGRADE and XYZ:\FieldFox\. The directory must contain a file for the desired version of firmware.
  4. Insert a blank CD-R/DVD-R disc into the disc writer.
  5. Copy the contents from the extracted folder to the CD/DVD writer location in computer, and click Burn.
  6. Remove the burned disc from computer and prepare for later update use in a secured environment.

Firmware update: For this step, you will need an external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

  1. Setup the FieldFox and external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM as below image. 
  2. Connect the USB cable as suggested. There are 3 ended connectors on the cable, usually with 2 USB A (one for data and one for power) and 1 Mini B.
    NOTE 1: FieldFox's USB ports have very limited power to operate an external devices like USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. User can connect to another computer/laptop/FieldFox that is located in the secured environment, or have it connected to another available USB powered port.
  3. Connect the AC/DC power adapter to FieldFox or confirm that the FieldFox battery power is greater than 30%.
  4. Press and hold the FieldFox white power button to turn the unit OFF (not Stand By mode).
  5. Once the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM is ready, insert the burned disc into the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive.
    NOTE 2: depending on external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive manufacturer, it takes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes for the drive to load and ready.
  6. Press the FieldFox white power On button.
  7. If a blinking Start key label is displayed, press the Start key to continue. (The Start key is only displayed when upgrading to A.07.xx for the first time.)
  8. Eventually the FieldFox Package Installer screen will be displayed.
  9. For N9912A and N9923A models: if Japanese or Chinese character fonts are to be installed or updated, press Install Options then take appropriate actions. Press Continue to return to the previous screen. (All character fonts are automatically loaded for other FieldFox models.)
    If multiple install packages are listed on the screen, select the desired package.
  10. Press Start Install to load the firmware update from the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive.
  11. Status information will appear on the screen as the update progresses. Important: Do not power OFF during the firmware update process. Use the AC/DC adapter if battery power is low.
  12. If prompted to remove the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive, do so. If there is no prompt to remove the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive and a new Firmware Update screen is displayed then press the Cancel key and remove the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive. The FieldFox application will start to load. The FieldFox may shut down and restart automatically. If the FieldFox shuts down and does not restart automatically, restart manually.
  13. Wait for the FieldFox to enter normal operation in its default measurement mode before pressing any keys.
    To check the firmware release revision, press System (7), press Service Diagnostics, then press System Information.